Name Change Information

All specific questions related to Marriage Certificates and name change are handled through the city hall where the Marriage License was purchased or by contacting the Office of the Registrar General of Ontario (1.800.461.2156)

All Licensed Officiates are responsible to mail the completed Marriage License to Office of the Registrar General in Thunder Bay within 48 hours of your wedding.  That is Kettle Creek Weddings firm policy and we are careful to fulfill this responsibility on your behalf.

The Record of Solemnization (tear off portion of the license) is given to each couple on the day of the wedding. We put it in a large white envelope called the K.I.T.

It is not in the practice of the licensing office in Thunder Bay to issue a receipt or acknowledgment of registering your marriage. To receive your official Marriage Certificate YOU must apply for it 12 weeks following your wedding. If YOU do not apply for a Marriage Certificate, YOU will not receive one.

Our Officiates always follow the policies and procedures of the Ontario government and our licensing body.

For more information please visit Government of Ontario site